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Antonopoulou Nikoletta
Welcome to NIKIAS Research Centre
In this site you will able to:
See over 40.000 works of Greek artists from past and present.

Find all price estimates and sale prices from auction exhibitions for over 25.000 works (number which is continuously increased) as well as price evaluation charts for artists who have taken part.

Get familiarized with all the modern technological methods used by our centre, to certify art work authenticity.

Learn how your artworks can be maintained and restored (paintings, ceramics, icons, porcelain, glass, and smalt) in its original form.

Driven by the need to protect the art lovers and art investors, Nikias cooperates with an expert, who is able to reply to any legal enquiries you may have.


We share your wish to acquire what you desire and appreciate, as well as to invest on a piece of art. Nevertheless, we also share your concerns against any fraudulent actions or malpractice.


Carefully investigate your purchase prior to its conclusion. In case you believe that your transaction should be legally reviewed, you may ask for our advice by sending us an e-mail with the details.


Charalampidis Kostas