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Vordoni Erietta

Date of birth: 02-11-1959
Art Works 2


She studied Fine arts at the ATI, stage design and painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1980). Since 1981 by taking scholarship from Academy of Athens, she continued her study in painting, at Ecole des Beaux - Arts in Paris who still continues to live and work alternative with her stay in Athens. The technique of painting that she adopts elects the quality of chromatic transparency, which she exploits for the creation of ethereal atmosphere. She has presented her work individually (Room of Art Athens 1984,1990,1996, Museum Vorre 1984, Gallery 7 Thessalonica 1986, Queen's Museum N. York 1986, Art Contact Kozani 1986, French Institute Thessalonica 1987, Staehelin Zurich 1987, Zygos Washington 1987, Beau Lezard Paris 1988,  Lavignes Bastille Paris 1988, 1991, Ruben Forni Brussels 1991, Michaela Moller Monaco 1992, Zita-Mi Thessalonica 1993,  Musee d ' Art Moderne et d' Art Contemporain Nice France 1994) and has taken part in group exhibitions as well. She is member of EETE.