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Vitsoris Mimis

Date of birth: 01-01-1902
Date of death: 01-01-1945
Art Works 25


He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts. In age of 18 years olds made his first exhibition in Imperial. Then he left from Athens and went to Italy, to Germany and last in France. He collaborated with the Parisian newspaper “Petit Parisien”. After getting sick he was to turn in Malta. After becoming well and prepared enough work and in 1925 he made exhibition in Splendid. In 1927 he was finally installed in Greece and began to work in Athenian newspapers for economic reasons as painting did not ensure enough money for living. In 1930 with other chosen artists he founded the “Team Art”.

He took part in great exhibitions as in the room of Stratigopoyloy in 1930, in Zappeio in 1931, in the Workshop in 1933, in Sophia in 1936 and in Thessalonica in 1937. In 1935 took part in the Report of Painters in Vienna. In 1935 he exposed in Biennale of Venice. In 1939 took part in his International Report as- San-Francisco where with other his 8 colleagues it represented Greece in Biennale. In 1939 received invitation from the Committee of Feasts of Oberammergau for the international competition. He took part in the Panhellenic exhibition 1938 where he was awarded with the reward of painting. He exposed his work in Pan-Hellenic exhibitions in 1939 and 1940. In 1940 published study titled “Art and Season” and published other studies and articles as, "Research and Teaching", "Problems of Public Aesthetics", "Artistic Market".

With the death of his brother and his mother was shaken unbearable thing which it led to the death on 29 January 1945.