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Varlamis Efthymis

Date of birth: 01-01-1942
Art Works 292


He was born in 1942 in Veroia, studied at the School of Architecture in Vienna and taught at various European universities and academies.

In 1988, he directed the Department of Architecture at the Summer Academy in Salzburg, where he presented his theory of "Automation" in architecture and design. Since 1992, directs the International Institute for Design and Communication I.DE.A. in Austria.

Held a series of experimental research programs such as "Santorini, World Ecological Academy", organized in cooperation with the European Union and Mediterranean universities.
In 1995 he painted 12 paintings from the "Apocalypse of John" to the celebration of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of 1900 years of writing his work on Patmos.

For more than 10 years devoted to the great pictorial project of "Alexander 2000" and created more than 1500 projects on "Mega Alexandro" (paintings, sculptures, installations), presented for depressing time in 1997 in Thessaloniki, with the support of business and of Local Government of Northern Greece. In 1998, moved to Athens in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens and then in Chania, Nafplion, Rhodes, Veroia, Komotini and Xanthi under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense and the blessing and support of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomeo.

Since 1999 he traveled abroad and was presented with great success in Cairo and Alexandria, Austria, during the Festival of the Danube and immediately after 2000 in Brussels, the European Parliament and the Royal Art and History Museum. Upcoming exhibitions planned for London, USA, India and Pakistan.