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Tompros Michalis

Date of birth: 01-01-1889
Date of death: 28-05-1974
Art Works 7


He studied sculpture. His was familiar with sculpture because he was able to copy easily architectural sketches from his father’s laboratory and enlarge them. Apart from sculpture at the School of Fine arts he also attended courses of painting. In 1910 he founded a laboratory in Athens. In 1914 with a scholarship went to Paris in order to continue his studies. The outbreak of A' World war forced him to get back in Greece in order to be conscripted. In 1920 he travelled for second time in Paris. He was named professor at the ASKT where he taught up to 1960. His sculpture is characterized by clarity.

He presented his work in individual exhibitions (Stratigopoulou 1924, 1928, Room Pan-cycladique Syros 1936, Accademia delle Arti del Disegno Firenze 1958, Room of American Service of Information 1959, Greek-American Union 1972) and took part in group exhibition as well. He also was member of the group `Texni of SEK and KEE (EETE).