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Thomopoulos Thomas

Thomopoulos Thomas

Date of birth: 01-01-1873
Date of death: 01-01-1937
Art Works 6


Smyrna 1873 - Athens 1937

He studied painting at the School of Fine Arts under Nikiforos Lytras and sculpture under G. Vroutos. A scholarship gets him to Munich where he studied for a year under S. EberLe at his studio and then at the structure classes of the Academy. He travelled to Florence, Rome and Naples stydying the museums. He teturned to Greece in 1900 and started a workshop with the Nomikou siblings. In 1905 he worked in a Hall of Zappeio and in 1910 he attended lessons under the sculptor K. Konstandinidis. In 1912 he becomes Professor in Plastics at the School of Arts. His sculpture represents a transitional stage from the academic classicalism to the academic realism with the simultaneous influence from symbolism and romanticism. From the year 1900 he painted his sculptures by implementing the ancient technique of encaustic.