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Theodoropoulos Angelos

Date of birth: 01-01-1883
Date of death: 01-01-1965
Art Works 20


He was born in Athens at 1883. He dies at 1965

He enrolled at the Scholl of Fine Arts in 1900 and graduated in 1914. His professors in painting were G. Iakovidis and G. Roilos and in engraving N. Ferbos. He took part in the Balcan Wars and his experiences produced works with themes from Thessalonica that were exhibited at the Greek Artists Association exhibition in 1917 and are only known today by their titles. In 1930 he was candidate for the newly established Chair of engraving which he lost to G. Kefallinos. The highlight of his carrier was his patricipation at the Venice Biennale in 1938 along with M. Tompros and K. Panthenis.
His early artistic activity is obviously influenced by Ar Nouvo, later in 1915 post impressionistic elements are featured and in 1920 he casts to German expressionism. His prime work was realized during the years of his maturity (1930-1950). His themes are women, olives and still lives with a symbolic character and a form of declaration.
He and G. Kefallinos constitute the two keynotes of the Greek postwar engraving by cultivating a unique technique especially in vertical wool.
His alias is Th. Aggelos.