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Stathopoulos Georgios

Date of birth: 01-01-1944
Art Works 33


He studied sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1966-1971). He mainly worked with soft materials, as timber and porolithos, creating compositions with abstractive tendencies. He work his drawings, with watercolour, oil painting, pastel and use of acrylic colours.

Solo exhibitions:
1970: Blow up  
1972,1975,1979,1981,1982,1985: Nees Morfes
1976: Kochlias Thessaloniki
1976, 1979, 1982, 1989: Laboratory Larissa  
1978: Room of Art Kalamata
1978,1980: Stavrakakis Irakleios  
1979: Louis Simon N. York
1980: Panselinos Thessaloniki
1982,1983,1991: Anemos  
1983: Room of Art Irakleios
1984: PKD Kabalas  
1985,1991,1999: Eirmos Thessaloniki
1986: Thorn
1986,1995: Skoufa
1987: Ekfrasi
1992: Prisma Leivodia
1994: Ianos Thessaloniki
1995: Ariadni Irakleios  
1998: Argo Nicosia
1999: Gabras
1999: Peter's Gallery Limassol etc.

and has taken part in group exhibitions. He has dealt with stage design, illustration of books, timetables, covers of disks and a lot of posters and cards. He is member of EETE.