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Skaltsas Giannis

Date of birth: 01-01-1968
Art Works 2


He initially studied at the SKT of AUTH (1989-1991) and continued at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1991-1994) at the laboratory of D. Mytaras. In 1993, he attended courses at Akademie der Bildernden Kunste of Munich with the program Erasmus and in 1996 Summer Course SVA in N. York. He creates environments that include romantic pictures or classic work of art in new contextual correlations with interventions of deviation and surreal irony. He has presented his work in individual exhibitions (Epikentro Patras 1995, Epikentro 1997) and has taken part in group exhibitions as well. Since 1998, he works at the Athens School of Fine Arts as scientist. He is member of EETE.