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Siozos Giorgos

Date of birth: 01-01-1949
Art Works 3


He was born in Ioannina, in 1949. He studied at the Pedagogical Academy of Ioannina (graduated 1970). He studied free near sculptor P. Vrellis in Ioannina. He deals with the Greek landscape, scenes from the countryside, the life of Gypsies, compositions of the modern city.

He has presented his work in solo exhibitions:
•     Larissa Hall, 1975
•     Public Library of Patras, 1979
•     «Morfes» Thessaloniki, 1982,1986,1989,1994
•     "Parnassus", 1988
•     «Baden-Baden» Germany, 1990 etc.

and group exhibitions:
•     Melbourne, 1984
•     National 1987
•     Plovdiv, 1988
•     Demetria, Thessaloniki, 1991, etc.

He is a member of EETE (Chamber of Fine Arts) and Visual Artists Association of Northern Greece.