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Siaterli Dimitra

Date of birth: 01-01-1952
Art Works 2


She studied drawing, engraving and decorative arts at the Accademia di Belle Arti (1971-1977) in Bologne. In her painting prevails the love for the depiction of natural world and a dreamy atmosphere. She has presented her work in individual exhibitions (Argos 1977, Prisma Rhodes 1980, Anemos 1982, Medousa 1982, happening in Corte del Castello Malatestiano Longiano Italy 1983, Epoches 1984, Italian Institute 1988, Desmos 1991, Segno Grafico Venice 1991, L'Ariete Balloons 1991, Centro Internazionale della Grafica Rome 1991, Amymoni Ioanninas 1992, 7 Gallery 1993, 1997, Diana Yiulia 1998, Lagoudaki 1998, Space of Art 24 1999) and has taken part in group. In 1976 collaborated with the cultural center “Alzaia” of Rome and in 1977 opened in Athens the laboratory “Center of Engraving”. She was member of the “team of Copper engraving”. She is member of EETE and union of Greek image gravers.