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Sfikas Nikolas

Date of birth: 01-01-1961
Art Works 49


He was born in Cairo in 1961.
He studied at the School of Fine Arts of the Helwan University in Cairo, Architecture and Painting of Interior.
In 1982 he received the Prize for Painting at the University of Helwan and in 1983 received a prize from the Contest art of Egypt project for Tourism on the banks of the Nile.
In 1985 he collaborated with the team of Isaac Fanous for the wall painting in the Museum of the Mohammed Ali Mosque (Citadel Cairo).
In 1985 he received honors from the prestigious School of Fine Arts, for a series of works presented in the group exhibition entitled "The Drought in Africa" and in 1989 the Managing Board of the Greek Community of Cairo nominated him for the special award established by the Ministry of Culture of Greece Greeks abroad who have excelled in the Arts.
In 1993 he issued the album Retro-check where it develops a theory of the metaphysical dimension of painting and chess-based spatiotemporal evolution of the move on the chessboard.
In 1998-99 organized the Sports Museum of Thessaloniki to the exhibition "The Art of Chess".

Solo Exhibitions
1984: French Cultural Center, Cairo Egypt
1986: Greek Hestia Ilioupoleos, Cairo Egypt
1990: Ruth Balmer, Bern Switzerland
1990: Athens Street, Limassol Cyprus
1990: Opus 39, Nicosia, Cyprus
1994: Vafopoulio Cultural Center, Thessaloniki
1994: Colour, Cultural Cafe, Bucharest
1995: House of Cyprus, Athens
1997: Showroom Byzantine Tower N. Fokea, Halkidiki
1999: Aenaon Athens

He participated in many group exhibitions.

He is a member of the Arts Chamber of Greece and Cyprus and a member of ICOM (International Council of Museums).