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Sarantea-Micha Evi

Art Works 1


She grew up in Athens. She studied painting at the Art Workshop of Chalkis, with teachers A. Antonopoulos, J. Vetsopoulou, G. Ziogas, Ch. Mitara, E. Moraitis, Dion. Papadopoulos, L. Patraskidis, M. Stephanides. Her works have been exhibited in 10 solo and many group exhibitions. She has painted the representations of human beings and hominids for the Museum of N. Artakis. She is a partner of the Theatre "restless" Chalkis (props, costumes). She has taught Art History at the School Rachoutis - Ghika of Chalkis. Designer, researcher and collector of prehistoric stone tools. She has discovered workshops of Paleolithic tools in New Artaki and Makrykapa of Evia. She has been awarded medals by the Euboean Archaiofilo Company (1992) and the Society of Euboean Studies (2004). She has a degree in Pharmacy of the University of Athens.