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Sampson Stefania

Date of birth: 01-01-1959
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She was born in Canada, in 1959.

She studied painting at Bath College of Higher Education (1977-1981) in England and continued with postgraduate painting and teaching of applied and visual arts at the University of Saskatchewan (1988-1991) of Canada and University of Huddersfield (1994-1995) in England.

Her art is moving in the representational art. With bright color scale attributes and symbolic human figures available indoors in dreamy, poetic atmosphere, and in all projects dominate a window that opens to the outside world. Parallel, she paints landscapes, while a series of works for the period 1985-1989 are abstract compositions.

She has presented her work in solo exhibitions and she has participated in group exhibitions. She deals with teaching art. She is a member of EETE (Chamber of Fine Arts).