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Samios Pavlos

Date of birth: 01-01-1948
Art Works 66


He was born in Athens in 1948. He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts, under the professors N. Nicholaou  and G. Moralis.

Solo Exhibitions
1996: "Adam" Gallery, Athens
1996: "Anny Balta" Gallery, Thessaloniki
1996: "Anemos" Gallery, Kifissia
1995: "Samy Kinge" Gallery, Paris
1995: "Amimoni" Gallery  Ioannina
1995: "Skoufa» Gallery, Art Athens
1994: "Skoufa" Gallery, Athens
1993: "Ekfrasi" Gallery, Glyfada
1993: "Z.M." Gallery , Thessaloniki
1992: "Samy Kinge" Gallery, Paris
1991: "Zoumboulakis" Gallery, Athens
1990: "Ioni" Gallery, Kifissia
1990: "Samy Kinge" Gallery, Paris
1989: "Atelier in Montmartre," sponsored Spie Batignolles, Paris
1989: "Samy Kinge" Gallery , Paris
1988: "Z.M" Gallery , Thessaloniki
1987: "Zoumboulakis" Gallery , Athens
1986: "Samy Kinge" Gallery , F.I.A.C. Grand Palais, Paris
1986: "Samy Kinge" Gallery , Paris
1982: "Samy Kinge" Gallery , Paris
1978: "Zoumboulakis" Gallery , Athens
1978: "Zoumboulakis" Gallery , and Heracles Cement SA calendar on the Holy Mountain.

Group Exhibitions
1996: "Samy Kinge" Gallery F.I.A.C.
1996: "Selini" Gallery, Kifissia
1995: "Averof" Gallery, Metsovo
1995: "GAZI" for 70 years of Mikis Theodorakis
1994: Center for Contemporary Art, Nicosia, "The Tree"
1993: "Averof" Gallery, Metsovo "The Tree"
1989: Tokyo, Seibu Yarakucho, for 200 years the French Revolution
1989: Cannes International Biennial of Young Artists
1987: «Paris XI, ten contemporary artists'
1987: «Salon de la Malmaison», France, Masques d 'Artistes
1983: "Samy Kinge" Gallery F.I.A.C. Grand Palais, Paris
1982: "Samy Kinge" Gallery F.I.A.C. Grand Palais, Paris
1972: Exhibition to the garage, Pagrati