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Samara Katerina

Date of birth: 01-01-1943
Art Works 23


Katerina Samara was born in Sklithro of Larisa.

1957-1962: Studied at the hellenic tradition School of Angeliki Hatzimihali in Athens. Her design professor was Diamantis Diamantopoulos.
1964-1966: Studied metal-working and jewellery in "Umanitaria" school of Milan. Holds an EOMMEX Scholarship.
1968-1972: Studied sculpture at the "Brera" School of Fine Arts of Milan in Marino Marini's atelier, under the guidance of Alis Cavaliere.
1980-1981: Studied modern tapestry at the Geneva School of Fine Arts in Babel Mavik's atelier and fabric design at the «Cunstge Werbeshule» School of Arts in Zurich. Holds an EOMMEX Scholarship.

Solo Exhibitions
1971: Albano Italy, "Albano" Gallery.
1972: Athens, "Bank of America"
1983: Athens, "Zygos" Gallery
1989: Piraeus, "Astrolavos" Gallery
1989: Athens, "Krypti" Gallery
1990: Cartagena Colombia, "Museum El Cabero»
1990: Thessaloniki, "K 7" Art Gallery

Group Exhibitions
1973: Milan Italy, "Art et Metier" Gallery
1973: Athens, "Diamartiria" Gallery
1980: Anogia, "Anogia Municipality Cultural Centre"
1981: Athens, "EOMMEX" Gallery  
1981: Geneve Switzerland, "School of Fine Arts" student's exhibition in the school
1985: Athens: Art Municipalities-Kaisariani, Neo Iraklio, Agios Dimitrios, Paleo Faliro, Nea Ionia, Argyroupoli, New Chalcedon-the Chamber of Fine Arts-(List)
1987: Athens, "Plaka" Gallery
1989: Athens, "German School of Athens"
1995: Athens, "Ionis" Gallery
1998: Athens, "Melina Mercouri" Cultural Centre
- England «Greek Horizons»-Contemporary Art from Greece-(List)
- York: York City Art Gallery
- Carliste: Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery
- London: London Institute Gallery
1999: Athens Cultural Centre of Athens University "Kostis Palamas"
2000: Rhodes, Women Artists of the Mediterranean "Castle of the Knights"
2001: Volos, Artists of Volos "Gallery De Chirico"

Projects Katerina Samaras can be found at:
- Pieridis Museum
- Antoniou Collection
- Roger & Sophia Wollen Collection
and in many other private collections in Greece and abroad.