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Sachinis Nikos

Date of birth: 01-01-1924
Date of death: 01-01-1989
Art Works 6


He studied economics and law sciences at A.P.TH (1948) and taught painting by R.Moyer and engraving by G.Perret. He is turned in big dimensions and gives accent in the big surfaces that stress oldness of the forms. He presented his work in individual exhibitions (Commercial Chamber Thessaloniki 1950, Parnassos 1954, EMS Thessaloniki 1954, 1958, Zygos 1959, Greek-American Union 1961, Art Thessaloniki 1961, 1964, Chilton 1963, Donalda Club Toronto 1965, Kochlias Thessaloniki 1972, Nees Morfes 1976, 1978, Panselinos Thessaloniki 1976, 1980, Bafopouleio Thessaloniki 1985, Epipeda 1987, PD Larissa 1988, Posthumous Thessaloniki 1990, Observer Thessaloniki 1997) and took part in group exhibitions as well. He taught stage design and aesthetics of picture in the faculty of theatre and cinema. In 1984 was one from the founding members and chairman of SKETE while at the same time he was member of various artistic delegates and associations. He was member of EETE.