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Rokos Kyriakos

Date of birth: 01-01-1945
Art Works 56


Rokos was born in Ioannina in May of 1945 and his origin is from Metsovo. He is a Sculptor - Professor and Head of the Department for the Preservation of Antiquities and work of arts, of A’TEI where he organized the first studio of Plastering. He took his first painting lessons at the studio of Sarafianos-Vlachopoulos.

1965: He is the first student to be admitted at Athens School of fine Arts, where, subsidized with an I.K.Y. scholarship, he studies sculpture under Giannis Pappas and plastering-copper casting with Nikos Kerlis.
1972: Granted a scholarship of Athens Academy (bequest of Our. Konstandinidi and as examiners Antonis Sochos and Michalis Tompros) he finishes his post-graduate studies at the ECOLE DES BEAUX ARTS, where he works with Koulentianos and Cesar, and lithography under Dayez until 1976.
1981-1983: He teaches drawing in VACALO College

He is founding member of the ‘ART AND PHILOSOPHY’ of the Association for the Music of Ancient Greek Drama ‘KOMMOS’, member of E.E.T.E and a member of the HELLENIC ASSOCIATION OF SCULPTORS.


1971: B’ Prize in the competition of Polytechnic School for the monument of Philhellenes in Peta, Arta.
1981: A’ Sculpture Prize of the Foundation of Letters and Arts.
1984: A’ Sculpture Prize of EETE, National Botanical Garden of Athens.
1985: B’ Prize for the monument of National Resistance, Nea Ionia, Volos.
1987: A’ Prize of Sculpture, Competition of the Municipality of Athens (the sculpture was not positioned).
1988: Monument Prize of E.M.P. Polytechnoupolis.
1993: Hi work is honoured by the Greek Panepirotic Confederation.
2001Honourable distinction for the work "Mother with many children", Pancypriot Organisation of Large Families, Lemessos, Cyprus.
2004: A’ Prize for the bust “G. PAPANIKOLAOU”, Municipality of Athens
2007Prize “Vangjush MIO”, Korca-ALBANIA
2008: B’ Prize for the VELLIOS’S bust, Municipality of Athens
2009B’ Prize of Sculpture, Municipality of Thessalonik

1972   Athens, Gallery  "NEES MORFES"
1972   Thessaloniki, Gallery "ZM"
1976   Athens, Gallery "POLYPLANO" (embroidery and boxes)
1978   Athens, Gallery "NEES MORFES"
1978   Thessaloniki, Art Gallery "PANSELINOS"
1979   Athens, «RETROSPECTIVE", Athens College
1984   Glyfada, Art Gallery "AIXONI"
1985   Monemvasia, Gallery "KAMARA"
1985   Athens, «ATHENS ART GALLERY"
1986   Berlin, Gallery "MUTER FURAGE"
1987   Heraklio, Art Gallery "ARIADNI"
1988   Athens, Art Gallery "AGATHI"
1990   Saint Brieux, Tawn Hall    France
1991   Athens, "ATHENS ART GALLERY"
1992   Nicosia, Art Gallery "ARGO"
1993   Ioannina, Town Hall auditorium
1993   Athens, Art Gallery "AGATHI"
1995   Thessaloniki, Triple exhibition, - FRENCH Institute, - "TERRACOTA" GOETHE Institute
1996   Athens, "AGATHI"
1997   Lamia, Theatre Art Gallery
1998   Athens, Art Gallery "YAKINTHOS"
1998   Ioannina, Art Gallery "AMYMONI"
1998   Glyfada, Art Gallery "EKFRASI"
2002   Athens, Art Gallery "EKFRASI, Gianna Grammatopoulou"
2005   Athens, Art Gallery "EKFRASI”
2005   Ioannina, Art Gallery “AMYMONI”
2007   Katerini, Art Gallery “CHRYSA”
2007   Glyfada, Art Gallery “PERIPLANISi”
2008    Athens, Art Gallery "EKFRASI”
2008   Ioannina, Retrospective exhibition Z.P.A.
2009   Kaminia Retrospective exhibition, MULTICALTURAL CENTER APOLLO-
2010    Metsobo, Museum E.AVEROF, METSOBO
2010    Levidi-Arcadia, ’Rokos-Sarelakou’  DRYADES Museum

Since 1965 he has participated in a number of group exhibitions in Greece.

His works are exhibited in the National Art Gallery, the Art Gallery in Metsovo, A.Viannos-Crete, Grigoraki, Ioannina, in "Vorres Museum", "Pieridis Museum", in the National Bank, in the Ministry of Culture, in places in: Athens (Ermou),Piraeus (Kaminia) Metsovo, Ioannina, Thessaloniki, Tripoli, Lake of Evia, Karditsa, Amaliada, Katerini, Anoixi-Attikis, Dionyssos-Attikis,  Heraklion,  Agia Paraskevi, Kalamata, Chios-Volissos, Naxos-Abrami, Patmos,Eressos-Lesbos, Saint-Brieux (France), Vâto(Sweden), Orse(Sweden), Riga (Letonia), Lemessos-Cyprus, Heidelberg (Germany), Lultzhausen( Luxemburg), Athens Agricultural University, Amira(Crete), A’Cemetery of Athens, Paros , Poli Hrissohous (Cyprus) , HSBC Bank (Athens), Athens T.E.I., Town Hall of Aghia Varvara in Athens and in private collections in Greece and abroad.