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Pappas Giannis

Date of birth: 13-03-1913
Date of death: 18-01-2005
Art Works 5


He studied Law at the Faculty of France. In 1929 he was written at  "Ecole des Beaux-Arts". In 1953 was elected professor in the seat of sculpture of ASKT. He has been honoured with many discriminations and rewards. Apart from the sculpture he has also dealt with painting and particularly with drawing. In order to achieve a better completion of his subject he uses the classic vocabulary.

He has presented his work individually (Alexandria 1950, Argo 1960, 1976, ATI 1961, Ora 1971, 1977 College Athens 1974, Biennale Venice 1978, MIET 1990, Gallery 7 1990, EPMAS 1992, Gallery 3 1994, 1996, Museum Benaki 1998) and has taken part in group exhibitions as well. He is member of EETE.