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Papatheodorou Kallia

Papatheodorou Kallia

Art Works 74


 Born in Piraeus.

She studied at the School of Fine Arts of Athens.
• Sculpture with D. Kalamara
• Painting with D. Mytaras P. Tetsis, T. Patraskidis.
• Mosaic with G. Kolefa, G. Valavanidis, P. Angelopoulou
• Set Design with G. Tsarouchis
• Techniques of Engraving and Watercolor at Gerles-Borgsskolan of Swedish with scholarship of the Ministry of Culture
• Scholarship of Scholarships 82-84

She works in Secondary Education. She has published papers in journals and newspapers. Participates in exhibitions of sculpture, painting and mosaic. She also made props and costumes in many theatrical performances. Her works can be found in many private and public collections.