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Othoneou Foteini

Date of birth: 01-01-1964
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Born in 1964 in Athens.

1984:  She studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts in painting workshops close to H. Dekoulakos, scenography close to B. Vassiliadis and engraving close to A. Exarchopoulos.
2007: Nominated for the prize of the Association of Art Critics of Greece (AI CA) by Eurydice Trichon, for her works with theme "Links".
2003-2004: Development and oversaw the study of color for indoors and outdoors of Peace and Friendship Stadium (SEF) in Faliro, the Olympic Games Athens 2004.
1990-1993: Taught in the Art Workshop of Panagiotopoulos Schools.
1987-1989: Editor of the costume emissions of the child series on ERT "Around Everyone".

Her painting was characterized by the original expressive language, combining the technique of engraving and collage which has represented since 1991 until today. Her works are found in public and private collections.