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Moralis Ioannis

Date of birth: 23-04-1916
Date of death: 20-12-2009
Art Works 1023


He was born in Arta in 1916 and distinguished as a Greek painter of the “30's generation”.
In the age of fifteen years, he became acceptable  at the Athens School of Fine Arts of , in order study painting and engraving. In 1936 he graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and the next year, with scholarship of Athens Academy, he left for Rome. Then he was installed in Paris, where he studied and watched courses at École Nationale des Beaux Arts, in the laboratories of painting and mural. At the same time he registered in École des Arts et Metiers, for haste of mosaic. In 1947 he was elected regular professor of preparatory order in the Athens School of Fine Arts.

In 1949 he participated in the foundation of artistic team “Armos”, while he participated in his first exhibition in Zappeio, in 1950. From 1954, he began his collaboration with the Theater of Art of Karolos Koyn, while later on collaborated also with the National Theater.
In 1957 he was elected regular professor of Laboratory of Painting in the Maximum Faculty of Good Arts. The next time he participated with Yannis Tsaroychi and the sculptor Antonis Socho, in the Biennale of Venice in the frames of which he was proposed for a small international reward. In 1959, he was conducted his first individual report in Athens, in the room of exhibitions “Armos”.

Moralis was honoured for the first time with a reward of painting in 1940. In 1965, the king Konstantinos granted him the Seneschal of Palm. In 1973 he received Golden Medal in the International Report of Munich. In 1979 he was granted to him Aristeio of Arts from the Athens Academy . Withdrew from the Athens School of Fine Arts in 1983, and in 1988, the National Art gallery of Greece honoured him with big retrospective report. In 1999 the medal of Seneschal of Price was granted to him.