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Milios Giorgos

Date of birth: 01-01-1935
Art Works 32


After high school, he attends for a year the political sciences department of the Panteion University.

1956-1962: He studied at the School of Fine Arts with a  scholarship awarded to him and he graduated  with 5 awards and a diploma of theoretical studies with the grade "very good"
1961: He is awarded a scholarship from IKY  for a year of “Further training in Greece”
1965: Continues his studies with the "Skouze" scholarship for a year and with a  scholarship awarded from the French Government he studies engraving and lithography at the Ecole Des Beaux Arts.
1968: Continues his studies at the same school at the 'Mosaic' laboratories. He attends Lectures of sociology of art with Jean Cassou as a tutor.
• As a scholar of Greek handicraft organization attending “Engraving in Ecole Boulle”, Paris.
• He is a founding member of the Association of Graduate School of Fine Arts.
• Member of the Fine Arts Chamber.Founding member of "Center of Visual Arts".
• Founding member of the exhibition "3 Painters".
• He worked for 4 years as a painter, restorer of the Byzantine Museum and the Monastery of Mount Sinai in 1967.
• Since 1970, he works at the E.M.P. at the School of Architecture at the Painting Department.
• The 1970-1973 as editor of Law Engonopoulos.
• Appointed as a permanent Lecturer in 1979.
1985: Appointed as a Lecturer NTUA.

In 1988 he is elected a full professor in the School of Fine Arts at the University of Thessaloniki and in 1996 became professor of engraving at the School of Fine Arts in Athens.

Solo Exhibitions
1975: Solo Exhibition of Painting, Engraving in the "Centre of Visual Arts"
1979: Painting Exhibition at  "Zoumboulakis" Gallery
1979: Photography Exhibition in "Zoumboulakis" Gallery
1981: Painting Exhibition at "Zoumboulakis" Gallery
1981: Painting Exhibition at "Z.M" Gallery, Thessaloniki
1985: Painting Exhibition at "Zoumboulakis" Gallery
1988: Painting Exhibition at "Zoumboulakis" Gallery
1992: Solo Painting exhibition at the  "Agathi" Gallery
1992: Retrospective exhibition at the Vafopoulio Cultural Center of Thessaloniki
1994: Solo exhibition at “Art Athens” Gallery
1996: Solo exhibition at "Zina Athanasiadou" Gallery
1999: Solo exhibition at "Adam" Gallery
1999: Solo exhibition at “Art Gallery GOLD “ Gallery, Katerini
2001: Solo exhibition at "Gallery 3", Athens
2002: Solo exhibition at "Astra", Athens
2003: Solo exhibition at «Stavros Mixalarias Art» Gallery, Athens