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Miliopoulou Alexandra

Date of birth: 01-01-1953
Art Works 47


She graduated as Humanitist studies of Jungian Psychology at Westbrook University. Her essential contact with the painting begins when she was sixteen years old, where she was honoured as unique student of Alexandros Rousiadi, in Thessaloniki. During 1977-80 she teaches art for children in private school of Thessaloniki, while in 1982 she creates the Laboratory of Art with the German Richmondi Dahlke and teaches “Expression via the Art”, in Kalamaria Thessaloniki. Since 2006 she began to deliver seminar based on subject “You travel consciously in the levels of inspiration and ideas”. From 2008 she is chairman in the association of “Friends of Life and Art”. In 2009 realize speeches, on the subject “the influence of Art in our Psychology” in the frame of multi-conference "Money Show" in Hyatt Hotel (Thessaloniki) and Hilton (Athens).

She has published also:
“LOVE” (2001), collection with her poems and sketches ,
“I LEARN TO DREAM” (2002), with her sketches and texts .
“LOVE II” (2004), collection with poems and work,
“When the Small Black Feather met Black Deer” (2009), study on the symbols via the philosophy of Greeks and Amerindians Lakota of V. America.

Individual Exhibitions:
Her first individual exhibition in the Greek Frankfurt's Consulate inGermany (1975), “Macedonia Pallas” Thessaloniki (1979), Gallery “Harmony” in collaboration with the Municipality of Kastoria (1981), Thessaloniki and her speech on the subject “the Picture in our Life” (1986), “Ambers Pallas” Thessaloniki (1988), “Dromeno” in open feasts of Municipality Kalamaria. Tables of painting and choreographies of her own (1989), “XANTH” (1996) etc.

Group Exhibitions:
Event of Municipality Istambul for Children with Special Needs (1993), Gallery “ENDOSTROFI” (1997), Anti-wary report with the Photographic Center Thessalonica (2001), 1st report “Skateboard Art Crimes” with figurative creations on boards of Skateboard (2005), “Meeting of style Graffiti Gallery” in the Festival of Education of 2008 Municipality Neapoli Thessaloniki (2008), “Skateboard Art Grimes 3”, under the aegis of Antidimarchias of Culture, in the room of Art of Antidimarchias Architectural (2008), Gallery of Mylos Thessaloniki  in co-organisation of City Urban living and “Skateboard Art Crimes”, with sponsor the team Vodafone CU, under the aegis of Municipality Thessaloniki and Antidimarchias of Culture and Youth (2008) etc.