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Margelis Georgios

Date of birth: 01-01-1943
Art Works 86


Georgios Margelis was born in Athens. From a very young age he was familiar with the world of art because his father Costas Margelis was a well-known  artist and teacher of graphic arts.

He will complete the first period of his studies after by graduating (1963) in Athens where he was granted by the four Study awards. For two years he assisted in courses of Costa Margeli’s Atelier. By completing his artistic studies in order to increase his talent he studies sketch and colour in atelier of the famous Greek sculptor and painter called Andreou in Paris.

He has presented his work individually and has taken part in many group exhibitions, since 1963 (First at Z’ National of Zappeio) until now, both in Greece and  abroad (the majority of them under a committee for approval). His last personal exhibition in Athens was presented in May 2007 and in Greece in July of 2010 in Leykada.

His work titled ‘ORKOS’ was awarded in L’ Hellenic art exhibition which was organized by the philological association of Parnassus in Athens in April of 2010.

Many of his paintings can be founded in private collections in Greece and abroad, in public places such as hotels, ships etc. as well as in National Galleries of many town halls of Greece.

Other Placements
His rich artistic activity was being successful over the field of Architect, design and art viewing in general. Many buildings in Greece, hundreds ships, yachts have been made based on his designs.

Art Report
Reporting to George Mareli’s multitalented activity as “one of the biggest talents” according to Andreou, have been made in
Greek Artsits Album

1.    “Album of Greek Artists” (pub.. G. Komini - 1963),
2.    “Ditomo Artistic Dictionary” (pub. G. Koyrtikaki - 1977),
3.    “Tetratomo Dictionary of Art” (pub. Bee - 1977),
4.    Lexical Greeks Designers,
5.    World Dictionary “Who's Who in Design” (pub.. Barons USA),
6.    World Dictionary “Who's Who of the World” (pub. Barons USA),
7.    A series of articles and photographs in architectural magazines, magazines of art and culture as well as in other special forms.

Attendance in Organizations

1.    Founding member of “Pan-Hellenic Union of Decorators”
2.    Member of “Bureau European Designers Association”
3.    Member “International Federation of Interior Architects”
4.    Member “International Furnishing and Design Association”
5.    Member of “International Forum of Design”
6.    Member of Agence d'art contemporain “Artrinet” Paris France
7.    Member of international union “Artistes sans frontières” Paris France