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Lempesis Polychronis

Date of birth: 01-01-1848
Date of death: 01-01-1913
Art Works 30


Salamina 1848/9 - Athens 1913

Studied art at the School of Fine Arts in Athens (then the School of Arts) late in the 1860s, under N. Lytras. He continued at the Academy in Munich at the end of the following decade, under Wilhelm Lindenschmidt and Ludwig von Lofftz. During his time in Munich, he was a contemporary and friend of the artistically prograssive Pantazis, Lembesis continued working in academic directions, in conformity with the spirit of the Munich School. He returned to Athens in 1880. Painted religious subjects (particularly frescoes), portraits, nudes, still lifes, ethograpfic subjects and landscapes. In his landscapes, particularly those of his mature period, there are perceptible trends to greater artistic freedom.