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Kourtis Stathis

Date of birth: 01-01-1939
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Born in Ioannina, at 1939. He had free studies of painting and ceramics (1958-1967), close to N. Panagiotato, F. Kontoglou, P. Sarafiano and M. Chatzinikoli. With scholarship of Greek National Organization of Handicrafts, he continued his studies in the ceramics at the Farnhan School of Art in Surrey of England (1967-1969). He has accepted intense effects of visual-arts currents of 20th century, developing geometrical-abstract writing. He has accepted effects from the African sculpture, from wordcraft of N. Guinea, the pre-colombian art, but also intense elements of Greek tradition. His work can be found in the National Gallery etc. He is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts.  

Personal exhibitions
1971, 1976: Nees morfes

Group exhibitions
1976, 1973, 1975: Panhellenic