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Kokkinidis Dimosthenis

Date of birth: 01-01-1929
Art Works 43


Born in Piraeus, at 1929. He studied initially for two years at the Athens University of Economics and Business but abandoned this sector in order to be devoted to painting. He studied at the School of Fine Arts of Athens (1952-1957) with teachers P. Papaloykas and G. Moralis. The two next years he worked with scholarship of Italian government. He studied folk and Byzantine art in Athos and Lesvos. Being the person in charge of the artistic department of Greek National Organization of Handicrafts (1959-1961) dealt with the productive exploitation of islander pottery. He has intense reflection for the social operation of arts and this appears in his intense interest in the artistic applications and the aesthetics of utilitarian objects. In the same ideological frame he developed important activity as founding member of “Team of Art  A” (1960-1967).  In 1972 he received scholarship of the Ford institution. He participated in events and exhibitions as founding member of “Team for the Communication and the Education in Art” (1974-1981). In 1967 he was elected regular professor in the School of Fine Arts of Athens, where he developed appreciable instructive work, up to 1997 (he served as a dean of faculty, 1980-1982). He remains colorist with abstractive expressionistic intensities, without using a formally realistic writing. The coexistence of high painting sensitivity with the sober critical mood gives in his art a particularity that cannot go unnoticed. He played a positive role in the modernisation of Greek art. He denied to participate in big international exhibitions (Biennal etc), considering that in this meetings, in the way that is organized in the metropolitan centres, is not ensured the reciprocal respect to the work of exhibitors of other countries. His work can be found in the National Gallery, in the Macedonian Centre of Modern Art, Thessalonica, in the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation collection, in the National Bank etc. He is member of the Chamber of Fine Arts.  

Personal Exhibitions
1960: Clio, Hydra
1964, 1967: Merlin
1971: Zoympoylaki
1972: Zita-Mi, Thessalonica
1974, 1981, 1987:  Zoympoylaki
1989: Room of Art Heraklion             
           MKST, Thessalonica-retrospective
1990: Polyedro, Patras
1992: Ekfrasi
1993: Zoympoylaki
1994: Agathi
1997: Astrolabe            

Group exhibitions
1960, 1965: Pan-Hellenic
1977: Reference to the critical Realism, Company of Study of Modern Greek Culture-faculty of Moraiti
1978: Tre Grekiska Utställningar, Konstakademien, Stockholm
1982: Eyropalia, Brussels
1985: Memories-Reformations-Researches, National Gallery
1992: Metamorphoses of Modern, National Gallery

Publications, proposals, congresses, translations
1962: “The modern ceramics”, Epitheorisi Texnis, 86
1975: “Content and objectives of visual arts in our country”, Themata Choroy+Technon, 6
1976: “The operation of Faculty of Good Arts”, Themata Choroy+Technon, 7
1981: “Conception and expression of Greekness in the plastic arts”, Hellenism and Greekness, with G. Tsaoysi, Athens, p. 211-216
1988: “Modernism, Postmodernism and our theoretical inactivity”, Moderno-Metamonterno, Athens
1992: “The modern art and the Faculty of Good Arts of Athens”, sto Kafetsi, p. 413-416 1993:  “Profession;Artist”, To Vima, 23 May 1993