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Kentarchos Theofilos

Date of birth: 01-01-1934
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Born in Ano Korakiana of Corfu, 1934.

He studied at the Art School of Corfu (1951-1956), in the Pedagogic School of Ioannina and made free studies of painting in Athens (1957-1959) and in Naples of Italy (1960).

His subjects are related with the countryside, the portrait and seascapes, while he works mainly on watercolor. More conservative in the beginning, while afterwards he appears to be influenced by the work of G. Giallinas approaching the abstraction. His watercolors are distinguished for the chromatic sensitivity and the politeness of forms, while certain times is obvious the tendency for shaping.

He taught in the primary education. He is a member of “Visual Union Of Corfu” and founding member of “Union of litterateurs and artists of Corfu”.

Personal exhibitions
1955: Room of Band, Corfu
1982: Room of art, Thessalonica
1983: Parnassos
1985: Hilton, Corfu
1987: Ersis
1992: Hilton, Corfu

Group exhibitions
1971: Reading company, Corfu
1986: Panionia Exhibition of visual Arts, Argostoli
1988: Corfu
1990, 1992: Visual Autumn, Corfu