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Kapralos Christos

Date of birth: 01-01-1909
Date of death: 01-01-1993
Art Works 25


He studied painting but graduated as a sculptor from the Athens School of Fine Arts. With the economic support of Papastratou brothers he went to Paris and attended courses in the free Academies Grande Chamiere and Colarossi while he worked in the laboratory of the sculptor M. Gimond. In his work the interpretations are also connected with a bigger accent in the austerity and the simplification of forms, the opposition of volumes and the intensity of outlines, the accent in the substantive and the effectiveness of their expressive language.

He has presented his work individually (Parnassos 1946, Kentrikon 1950, Hall "To vima" 1953, Room of Electric Company Athens Piraeus 1957, Biennale of Venice 1962, Martha Jackson N. York 1963, Park Gallery, Detroit USA 1963, Cincinnatia Art Museum USA 1967, Albert White Toronto Canada 1969, Chilton 1972, Zygos 1981, EPMAS 1981 Academy Athens 1995) and in group exhibitions.

He was member of EETE and “Association Sculptural”.