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Kapetanopoulos Konstantinos

Date of birth: 01-01-1961
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Konstantinos D. Kapetanopoulos was born in Andravida in 1961.

He studied near the painter Ioanna Oikonomidou, he studied costume design under Phaidon Patrikalakis and acting at the School of D. Veaki and directing at the School of E. Hatzikou.

He traveled to Asia and Europe to discover the Asian and European art of the past and present, and parallel he is interested to the art in Greece from antiquity to the present. His latest work, entitled "Past, Present and Future" uses past data with present perceptions.

Solo Exhibitions:
2002 Cultural Center KYPRIADOU
2003 Iris Gallery, Marisa Fasianos

Participation in Group Exhibitions:
1983 Exhibition Center of Piraeus
1989 Cultural Centre of Athens, Kostis Palamas Art Hall
2004 Museum of the City of Athens (Vouros-Eutaxias) 'Views of Athens by Contemporary Greek Painters "
2005 Nicosia, Famagusta Gate, "Views of Athens by Contemporary Greek Painters"
2006 "Epipeda" Gallery
2007 Museum of the City of Moscow, "Views of Athens by Contemporary Greek Painters"