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Kapetanaki Lili

Date of birth: 01-01-1954
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Born in Athens, 1954.

She began her studies at the Byam Show School of London (1974-1975) in England, and continued at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1975-1981), with teachers D. Kokkinidis and D. Mytaras. In her themes the movement of human body is dominated, which is attributed with expressionistic types and with the alternation of chills and hot chromatic tones. He is member of EETE (Chamber of Fine Arts).

Solo exhibitions
1981: Engonopoulos
1984: Bombapiazza, Corfu
1989: Universidade Federal de Alagoas, Brazil            
            Pinacoteca Ufal, Maceio-Alagoas, Brazil
1990: Centro Cultural Candido Mendes, Rio de Zaneiro, Brazil
1992: Cultural Centre [Mpenetatoy], P. Mental
1994: Centro Cultural Candido Mendes, Rio de Zaneiro, Brazil             
           Cultural Centre Mpenetatou, P. Psychiko

Group exhibitions
1985: Biennal of Young persons of Mediterranean, Marseille
1990, 1993: “RG Oficina de Arte”, Maceio-Alagoas, Brazil