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Kaldis Takis

Date of birth: 01-01-1960
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Studied drawing and painting at the Athens school of fine arts (1979-1984) under D. Mitaras, N. Kessanlis, G. Mauroidis. His work emphasizes the iconolatry aspect of the modern reality. Meanwhile he processes movable signing of iconic elements inside the whole after plastic field of the artistic act.

Solo exhibitions (Gallery 7, 1992,1995, Olga Georganta 1993, Berlin 1996, team exhibitions, Gallery 7 1993, Art-Athens 1993,1995, Pfelferberg  Berlin 1995, Schoneberg museum Berlin 1996).

He deals with icon-painting for children books and designing commercial material. Since 1994 lives in Germany. He is a member of the E.E.T.E