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Kakisi Louiza

Kakisi Louiza

Date of birth: 01-01-1949
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Born in Paris, 1949.

Born in Paris and grown up in Piraeus, where in 1966, still a high school student, had her first solo exhibition.
Diploma in Painting, Superior National School of Fine Arts (Beaux Arts), Paris, Licence Arts Plastiques of the University Sorbonne ParisVIII, Maitrise specialised in Aesthetics, Postgraduate D.E.A. and PHD -Doctorat on the Philosophy of Art of the University Sorbonne Paris I. Studies of Sculpture and Ceramics in the “Beaux Arts” etc.

Professor of Aesthetics and Fine Art Education in the University of Athens.

Horonary Distinctions in Paris (Mention Honorable from the Society of French Artists), Rome, Athens.
Member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, the Association of French Artists (Fondation Taylor), the International Organization for Education through Art (INSEA), the Paedagogical Society of Greece, the Union of Women Scientists etc.

Personal exhibitions
2013: Rhodes, «Figures through time»
2007: Athens, Adam gallery, “Communication and Solitude”.
1992: Athens, DADA gallery, “Nightscenes”
1987 : Ioannina, French Institute, “What remains”
1987 : Larisa, French Institute, “What remains”
1987 : Volos, French Institute, “What remains”
1986 : Piraeus, French Institute, “What remains”
1983 : Athens, Students Home Hall
1983 : Αthens, Kreonidis gallery, “Reminiscences”
1979 : Athens, Kreonidis gallery, “Lights and Shadows”
1976 : Paris, Cite Internationale des Arts
1975 : Paris, Lam Xuan
1966 : Piraeus, Municipal Theater

Group exhibitions
Participated in more than 60 of group and International exhibitions, in Greece (Athens, Piraeus, Chania, Spetses, Lymnos, Rhodos), Paris, Moscow, Rome, Monte Carlo, Nicosia, Teskani, Bacau, Florence, Belgrade etc. In French “Salons”, exhibitions of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece (EETE), Panhellenic exhibitions etc.
Salon des Artistes Francais, Paris, 1975,1976,1977,1978,1979.
Salon Comparaisons, Paris, 1986.
17th International S. Paris Exhibition, 1976.
Salon de Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Paris, 1977.
Union of French Artists in Rome, 1976.
Participation in “Contemporary Greek Painting and Sculpture exhibition in Moscow, 1988.
Participation in “Contemporary Greek Painting and Sculpture” exhibition in Nikosia, 1988.
Women artist’s exhibition of Painting sculpture and Engraving in Athens, 1989
Fine Arts Exhibition in the art centre of the municipality of Athens, 1992.
Cyprus Art Centre in Athens, 1995.
Exhibition in Patra, 1996.
Painting Exhibition, offer for the Children of Bosnia, 1999.
University of Athens Art Centre, 1999.
2nd Painting Balkan Symposium in Lymnos, 2001.
Fine Arts Exhibition of Norwegian, Icelandic and Greek Artists of Paris, Pieridis Art Museum, 2001.
Fine Art Exhibition organized by the Art Society of Greece in Athens, 2001