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Kakanias Konstantinos

Kakanias Konstantinos

Date of birth: 01-01-1961
Art Works 6


He studied at the studio Bercot in Paris. After he finished his studies he dealt with fashion design, but since the latest 80’s and on he dealt exclusively with visual arts. By using the sensitivity of the spectator, the artist enroles painting, videos, constructions, performances and facilities through which he processes subjects like experiential situations, memories and flights of fancy of childhood and facts of the modern daily life and routine. His works consist from childhood figures and faces from comics which he satirises with sarcasm with a final result the reversal of their connections. He has presented his paintings not only in private exhibitions but also in group exhibitions. Solo exhibitions (Sane Stubbs- new York 1994, Postmasters new York 1996, Reveka Karxi 1996, Team exhibitions, Astio-tites Greek, American union 1997).