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Kakadiaris Nikos

Kakadiaris Nikos

Date of birth: 01-01-1944
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Born in Tyrnabos, 1944.

He studied painting and mosaic at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1968-1972) with teachers  G. Moralis and E. Boilas, and worked near A. Asteriadis.

His painting, that is characterized by the geometric regulation of volumes, the clean oppositions of colours, with accent in the attribution of light, is shaped under the influence of painting of big Greek schoolteachers, as the K. Maleas, M. Oikonomou, A. Asteriadis and G. Moralis.

His themes are on a scale of landscapes, in the beginning , that are memories of Thessalian ground, up to anthropocentric compositions, that will occupy more and more his later work. Simultaneously, his drawing style maintains his initial bonds with the roots of old and Byzantine tradition, that is expressed through the strict, almost Dorian architectural layout of volumes. Those steady characteristics of his work, are being trasformed considerably in the more free expression of his recent work.  

Individual exhibitions
1976: Nees Morfes
1977: Ergastiri, Larissa
1979: Chrysothemis
1980: Koxlias, Thessalonica
1981: Nees Morfes
            Laboratory, Larissa
1983: Koxlias, Thessalonica            
            Room of art of Heraklion
1985: Argo
1986: Cultural Centre of Larissa-museum G. I. Katsigra
1995: Argo Common reports
1971: Pan-Hellenic
1972: Biennale Internazionale d' Arte Sacra, Foggia, Italy
1973, 1975: Pan-Hellenic
1982: Thessaly, Hundred years of freedom 1881-1981 Larissa, Trikala, Volos, Karditsa, Athens
1985: Larissa artists, Rhodes Cultural Centre
1987: Pan-Hellenic
1988: Triennial of realistic painting, Sofia            
           Modern Greek painting and engraving, Moscow            
           Modern Greek art, Pyli Ammochostos, Nicosia