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Kagkaras Christos

Date of birth: 01-01-1918
Date of death: 01-01-2010
Art Works 23


Self-taught, he used to own a gallery in 1953 in Agrinion, Greece where he made mostly portraits. Until 1966, he devoted himself to icon-painting. After 1966 he left wall icon painting and  he became a painter of portable artworks and since then he has been focusing mostly on popular subjects. His artworks move within the frameworks of folk art where elements such as the prolonged and empirical composition, the antinaturalistic perception of space, the emphasis on the detail, the clearness and decorative essence of colours, conformity to the grant of the typical tone, the designing clarity with the highlighting of the linear elements and especially the cutout profiles are clearly visible.

Solo exhibitions (Papyrous-larousse room 1966, NEES MORFES 1968, 1970, DIASTASI 1975, French institute of Lamia 1977, ORA 1979, POLYPLANO 1978, p.k.d. of Lamia with V.Katrakis 1986, Athens 1987, French institute of Athens 1990)