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Kafida Ioanna

Kafida Ioanna

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Ioanna Kafida was born in Athens and grew up in Volos, Greece. She studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts, under the supervision of professors Dimitris Mytaras and Chronis Botsoglou. She lives and works in Athens.
Solo Exhibitions
2010 "Modulation", Gavras Art Gallery, Athens
2007 Gavras Art Gallery, Athens
2003 "Pictural Itinerairies", Metaxourgio, Volos
Selected Group Exhibitions
2011 "Pictorial tribute to Alexandros Papadiamantis", Municipality Centre 'Melina Mercouri', Athens
2011 "Self-portraits", Gavras Art Gallery, Athens
2011 "The Garden of Illussions", Cube, Patras
2010 "Decomposing the canvas - Fabricating the image" Greek Painters, Thessaloniki Municipal Gallery from Antonis & Azia Chatzioannou collection
2010 "Human Standards", Municipality Centre 'Melina Mercouri', Athens
2010 "Sweet summer", History & Folklore Museum of Aegina
2010 "Eye", Gazi
2010 "Speak, do not be afraid", Visual Quests
2010 "Welcoming Spring", Atrion, Thessalonica  
2010 "It happened in Athens", eds Iris Kritikou, Municipality Centre 'Melina Mercouri', Athens
2009 "Summer Breeze", Visual Quests
2009 "Among the peanut trees", eds Iris Kritikou - Manolis Peratikos, Tower Markelos, Aegina
2009 "New Generation Great Masters", Athens Art Space, Athens
2009 "20 artists + 1 reason", Mansion Zafeireiou, Volos
2009 "Watercoloring the Greek landscape", Gallery of Contemporary Balkan Art, Limnos / Art Gallery Gavras, Athens
2008 Porfirogenio Foundation, Agria, Volos
2008 "Painters' Aegina", History & Folklore Museum of Aegina
2007 "Portrait", Art Gallery Gavras, Athens
2006 "The nude", Art Gallery Gavras, Athens
2005 New Artists Exhibition 'Melina Mercouri', Hydra
2003 "ASFA New Artists", Municipality Gallery of Karditsa / Giorgio de Chirico Foundation, Volos / Technopolis, Gazi, Athens
2002 1st National Exhibition of Miniature Art, Greece, Vafopouleio Center, Salonica
2000 "2000 Cans", 'Lithography Workshop of Pireus street', Athens
2000 "Figure, Space, Time", Speerer Building, Volos
1999 "Ricordo di Elio Romano", Art Gallery 'Le Ciminiere', Italy
1998 ASFA students exhibition, Maris Hotel, Herakleion Crete
1997 Intl. Workshop "Process and Mentality", Delphi
1998 Second Fine Arts Competition of the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) graduates, organized by Creta Maris in collaboration with culture magazine "Ta Nea tis Technis" (Art News) and ASFA.
1997 "Matteo Rapissardi", Catania, Italy