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Isakidi Alexandra

Date of birth: 01-01-1973
Art Works 32


Alexandra Isakidi was born in 1973 in Germany.

She studied painting at the School of Fine Arts, in the laboratory of D. Mitaras. She graduated in 1998 with honors.

2000 Cultural Center of Halandri "Palataki"
2003 Gallery 7
2005 Gallery 7
2009 Gallery 7
2010 Gallery 7

1993 Exhibition A' of Workshop of Painting in Kreonidis Gallery
1994 Painting exhibition at Mortgage Bank
1995 Exhibition of German artists to the German Embassy
1996 National exhibition of the National Bank Building in P. Mela
1997 Exhibition of young engravers in the House of Cyprus
1997 Painting Exhibition in Moon Gallery
1998 Exhibition of A' Workshop of Painting in Melina Mercouri Foundation
2006 Art Forum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki
2007 "Was once Penelope Delta", Athens College, curated by Iris Cretan
2007 "Birthplace" Benaki Museum, curated by Iris Cretan
- "Sketching Dionysios Solomos" Moschandreou Gallery, Mesolongi
- Ex Convento San Cosma e Damiano, Venice
- Arts Center (Freedom Park), Athens
- Edited by Iris Cretan