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Ioannou Euaggelia

Art Works 1


She was born in Karditsa where she lives and works.

She has studied painting: Certificat peinture Ecole ABC de Paris (4 years), Architectonic Line Drawing (1 year), with the professor and painter Theodoros Pantos (SYN) (5 years) and Pharmaceutics in Athens University.

She is member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece , member of the Association Internationale des Arts Plastigues, of the Artistic Group "Technothyra" and of  the " European Society of Scientists Artists". She is a founder member of the Plastic Arts of Karditsa (established in 1988). She has been President of the Plastic Arts Group (painters - sculptors). She is Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Public gallery of Karditsa. She is a member (of the E.E.T.E.) of the Critics Committee of Works of Art of the Prefecture of Karditsa.

ATHENS, (Kolonaki), "EPIPEDA" gallery 1996.
ATHENS, (Kolonaki), "EPIPEDA" gallery 1998.
KARDITSA, gallery "F" 1999.
SPAIN, Barcelona, EURO ART 2000, 4th International 6 - 9 of October 2000, Stand 10.
USA, New York, ARTEXPO 2001, 23rd International 8-12 of March 2001.
USA, Miami, "Ralb & Co Fine Arts" gallery 7 - 2 of May 2001, Seven Artists Stand 2.
KARDITSA, gallery "F", 2005.
CYPRUS, Lemessos, Peters gallery, 2008.
CYPRUS, Nicosia, Peter's gallery, 2008.
KARDITSA, Culture Center "Ellinopyrgou", with George Stathopoulos, «Steps on Light», August 2008.
ATHENS, ADAM gallery, March 2009.

KARDITSA, "Plastic arts group" 1988 - 2003 (each year with a different subject)
KARDITSA, gallery "ARCHETYPO" 1993 & 1996.
ATHENS, University "Kosti Palama Building" European Society of Artists 1991, 1994, 1996.
THESSALONIKI, European City of Culture 1997, gallery "PARATIRITIS", "Vackhia" (Ministry of Culture), cur. Athina Shina, 1997.
ATHENS, "gallery of the University" permanent excibition since 1997.
THESSALONIKI, "gallery ATRION" 1998 and 2000.
ANDROS, "KYDONIEOS FOUNDATION" "(Ministry of Culture). "Elia", cur. Athina Schina, 1999.
ATHENS, Foundation of the Hellenic World Foundation of Thracian Art & Tradition in the city of Xanthi, 1999.
PTOLEMAIS, "Public gallery" and permanent excibition 2000.
ITALY ΜΟΤLA, 34th International 24th of December 2000 - 2001.
KARDITSA, Municipality of Karditsa, (Atrium of the Public Market) (7 painters) "7 me and a Frieze" "TECHNOTHYRA", November, 2000.
ITALY, MOTOLA 35th International, December 2001.
ATHENS, gallery "SYN" (Tositsa) 2001.
STAVROUPOLI, Municipality of Stavroupoli, Public gallery (Ministry of Culture - Olympic Games 2004) "Healthy mind for a healthy body" international traveling excibition for 2 years, 2002.
LAMIA. Public gallery "Healthy mind lor a healthy body" 2002.
ITHOMI, Municipality of Ithomi, Greek-Italian (Ministry of Culture) 2002. KARDITSA, gallery'T" group excibition, "TECHNOTHYRA" 2001, 2002, 2003 (Nude, drawings - sketches).
KARDITSA, gallery "F", associates group exhibition, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006.
KARDITSA, Public gallery, permanent excibition since 2004.
PTOLEMAIS, Public gallery, permanent excibition.
ATHENS, gallery "SYN", "Just Before" 2002.
ATHENS, gallery "SYN", "Just After" 2003.
ITHOMI. Municipality ol Ithomi, 4th Greek - Italian, (Ministry ol Culture) 2003.
ITALY, MOTOLA 36th International 2003.