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Ioannidis Giorgos

Ioannidis Giorgos

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 Giorgos Pol. Ioannidis was born in Thessaloniki. He studied architecture in Italy and painting at the School of Fine Arts in Venice under the teacher EMILIO VEDOVA, artistic human anatomy under NETO FIORENTIN and painting at the School of Fine Arts in Florence, taught by SILVIO LOFREDO and scenography by PIETRO ANNIGONI. He has had over 30 solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad (Venice - Florence - Paris - Berlin). His first exhibition was held at the age of 12 years in Thessaloniki (Hotel CAPSIS).
His works can be found in the Gallery of Fine Arts in Florence, in Vorres Museum, in Pierides Gallery, in State Museum of Contemporary Art, Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki, in Thessaloniki’s Company of Macedonian Studies and in many private collections in Greece and abroad.