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Georgiou Kostas-Iraklis

Date of birth: 01-01-1950
Art Works 18


KOSTAS was born in 1950 in Alexandria, Egypt from Greek parents. He studied painting and graphic arts. Aside from his paintings he worked as a designer for magazines and newspapers, an illustrator for short stories in a newspaper and as a scenographer at the theater. His works can be found in private collections, in collections of banks and companies.

1998: «ARTFORUM VILKA GALLERY» - Thessaloniki (personal)
1998: " KREONIDIS ART GALLERY ", Athens (personal)
1995: "Saint Mark's Basilica", Heraklion, Crete (personal)
1993: «CHRISTINE COLMANT ART GALLERY»-Brussels (personal)
1993: "Antwerp '93 'cultural capital of Europe" The Face of Tragedy " (personal)
1991: "MUNICIPALITY OF ATHENS GALLERY", Athens (selection)
1991: "ART GALLERY KREONIDIS", Athens (personal)
1991: "HERCULES Gallery " - Calendar 1991-Athens (personal)
1982: BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF ARTS «Meet the Moderns»-New York-USA
1980: "Collection Gallery " - Athens (personal)