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Christidis Achilleas

Date of birth: 01-01-1959
Art Works 28


He studied set design of theatre for three years at the Faculty of theatre KEA. In 1979 he dealt with Music and especially with instruments such as saxophone and clarinet. Main characteristic of his work constitutes the way of viewing the world, while portrays his narrating compositions as if he is viewing himself from up above. As a writer of police novels and detective strange affairs, he invades in suspect internal spaces in order to detect mysteries. His recent paintings constitute deserted roaming in unknown fields, which do not leave the spectator to forget the unanticipated, the gruesome, the absurd, the mysterious but also the funny.

He has presented his work individually (Town hall Piraeus 1978, “Iktinos” 1984, “Medousa” 1987, 1991, Gallery F 1989, Europ'Art Geneva 1992, Titanium 1993, 1996, Lefor Oreno Paris 1995, Art Forum Thessaloniki 1996, Agathi 1998, “Tzamia-crystala” Chania 1998, “Nees Morfes” 1999) and in many group exhibitions as well. He is member of EETE.