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Bouzianis Georgios

Date of birth: 01-01-1885
Date of death: 01-01-1959
Art Works 368


One of the three artists ( with Parthenis and Maleas) considered to be the fathers of 20th century Greek painting. He was also one of the most spontaneous and personal creators of expressionism outside Germany.
He began his studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts under Lytras, Bolanachi, Jakobides, Roilos and Geraniotis. He continued in Munich, where he received financial suppoth from Dr. Harmis, at the same time working for six months during 1910 with Max Liebermann in Berlin, one of the teachers of German expressionism. He lived in Munich from 1911 on, where he worked for many years.

In 1935, he returned to Greece but received no recognition at all. His expressionist style painting is distinguished by a special emphasis on the human figure, inner vitality and poetic inspiration.