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Axelos Michalis

Date of birth: 01-01-1877
Date of death: 01-01-1965
Art Works 5


Siteia Crete 1877 - Athens 1965

He was a graduate of the Athens Law University in 1902. He studied at the School of Fine Arts under G. Iakovidis, G. Roilos, D. Geraniotis and S. Vikatos and graduated in 1908. He continued his studies from 1911 to 1914 at the Academie Julian in Paris under J. P. Laurens and then at the Grand Chaumiere. He worked on portraits, landscapes, sea-subjects and compositions de picting human labor. He started to paint in an impressionistic style and ended in a spontaneous expressionism that is dominated by a thick, violent, almost fauvist color.

Group exhibitions:
•    Greek Artists Association (1915, 1917, 1929, 1936)
•    Zappeio Greek-French Exhibition (1918)
•    Venice Biennale (1934)
•    Pan-hellenic (1939, 1948, 1960)
•    Grekisk Konst, Konstakademien Stockhlom (1947) etc.