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Apergis Antonis

Date of birth: 01-01-1938
Art Works 97


1938: Born in Athens.
1957: Preparatory department at the School of Fine Arts under professor G. Moralis.
1958: Painting Workshop under Professor G. Moralis and Printmaking workshop under Professor K. Grammatopoulos. IKY scholarship and four years of study.
1962: Finished the School of Fine Arts with degrees in painting, printmaking and Theoretical Studies.
1966-69: He received a scholarship from the State Scholarship Foundation for Preservation and Restoration of the mosaic. He studied in Paris, ECOLE Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts under Mr. Licata and Mr. Berthole.
1975-76: Scholarship from the State Scholarship Foundation (interior of Mosaic).
1965: He taught Color and Design at the School of Decorative Arts "K.T.E".
1969-77: Taught Color-Scheme in "HOMER" school
1977-80: Taught Color Scheme at the School of Decorative Arts "PETRA"
1980-84: Taught in the painting workshop the Training Agency "PETRA". He designs for dishes and carpets.

Sets and costumes for the plays: "The third martyr" of Dominic Noen (1965), "In time of Peace" by A. Galanos (theater George Papas (1965)).

Personal Exhibitions
1965: Gallery "League of Nations", Athens.
1969: Gallery "ASTORIA", Athens.
1970: Gallery “Nees morfes”, Athens.
1973: Gallery “Nees morfes”, Athens.
1976: Gallery "Argo", Athens.
1978: Gallery "Panselinos", Thessaloniki.
1980: Athens College.
1982: Gallery "Argo", Athens.
1984: Gallery "Ekfrasi", Athens.
1985: Gallery "ART GALLERY YAKINTHOS", Athens.

Group Exhibitions
1960: Exhibition of young artists in Rome.
1961: Exhibition of students at the French Institute (award engraving).
1961: Exhibition of young artists in Beirut (engraving).
1963: Tuesday Panspoudastiki Report on Greek-American Union (top prize drawing).
1965: Group exhibition at the gallery League of Nations
1968: Mosaic Exhibition in Paris.
1970: Group exhibition at Gallery “Ora”, “Nees morfes”.
1971: Two converging events in the Gallery 'NEW FORMS' Hilton.
1972: Group exhibition at Gallery “Ora”, “Nees morfes”.
1973: Group exhibition at Gallery “Ora”, “Nees morfes”.
1974: Exhibition at the Tower of Athens.
1974: Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture in Chicago under the title "Contemporary Greek Art."
1974: Exhibition in gallery "Tholos"
1976: Exhibition in gallery "Armos"
1977: Gallery "ARTISTIK" Three Modern Greek Painters (strike-Zoumboulakis-Karavousis)
1977: Exhibition at the Baak Gallery-Massachusetts-USA
1979: Painting Exhibition at the Gallery «STUDIO»
1979: Exhibition of Prints in the Gallery «STUDIO»
1979: Gallery "Polyplano" (Plans for ceramics)
1979: Gallery "Polyplano» Painting
1976-83: Group Painting Exhibition in Gallery "ARGO"
1981: Modern Greek Painters, Engravers in Nicosia
1982: Designs for tapestries in the Gallery "Polyplano"
1982-3: Report on the Gallery 'NEW FORMS'
1982: Painting, Printmaking in the Gallery "WORLD"
1982: Painting Exhibition in Karditsa
1982: Painting Exhibition (Northern Greece)
1982: Group Exhibition at Gallery "COLLECTION"
1983: Exhibition of Greek painters (Vienna, Austria)
1983: Greek Painters Exhibition in Nicosia
1983: Exhibition of Greek Painters in Limassol
1984: Exhibition of Surrealist painters in the Gallery "Epoches", Athens
1984: Exhibition at Gallery of Rhodes

Also participated in Panhellenic Reports to the "ZAPPEIO" sixth, eighth and 1975.

His paintings can be found: in the National Gallery of Athens, National Bank, the collection of the Ministry of Culture, the collection of National Bank of Greece, Kastoria, the museum Vorres J., A. Lagouni collection, collection in New Grigorakis collection of H. Anthony and many other private collections in Greece and abroad.