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Andronikidou Eleni

Art Works 1


She was born in Rodochori of Naousa. She is self-taught painter and has worked mainly oils and watercolors exhibiting her works in Greece and abroad. Her occupation with the wood is not just an experimental work on a different material. Βorn and raised close to Nature she can sense its rythms and she decides to reprint in this unique way the "sanctity" of its constituent elements. The forms that come to life on the very old pieces of wood-chosen with love and care are parts of their own history. They spring from the sap of the trees and take shape in the form  of saints,  perpetual and intangible of women, ethereal and inaccessible  people all swirling around the passions and the endless struggle of life. The artist uses her art to reprint and give life to the deepest senses of her soul. And the wood proves to be a faithful companion and guide on this journey.

1974 Cultural Center of Naousa - Naousa
1975 Cultural Center of Naousa - Naousa
1976 American Association, Kefalari Kifissia - Athens
1977 Parnassos Gallery - ATHENS
1978 House of Arts and Letters - Veria
1979 House of Arts and Letters - Veria
1980 "Nea skepsi" Gallery - ATHENS
1982 Electra Palace Hotel - Thessaloniki
1982 House of Arts and Letters - Veria
1983 Vallombreuse Gallery - BIARRITZ, FRANCE
1986 Engonopoulos Gallery - ATHENS
1987 Gasteig Kulturzentrum Gallery - MONAXO
1988 Municipal exhibition hall - ITHACA
1989 K7 Gallery - THESSALONIKI
1990 Agora Grecque Gallery - PARIS
1993 House of Arts and Letters - Veria
1996 “Nea Skepsi” Gallery - ATHENS
1997 Ideograma Gallery - Kavala
1998 Agora Grecque Gallery - PARIS
2002 Imaginery Gallery - ITALY
2004 Cultural Centre - NICOSIA, CYPRUS
2006 Cultural Center of Athens - Athens
2010 Convention Center Katerina City - Katerini
2010 Hall of art "Naias" - NAOYSA

1984 National Exhibition
and other exhibitions in Greece and abroad.