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Andreiadou Tzoulia

Andreiadou Tzoulia

Date of birth: 10-05-1937
Art Works 36


She was born in Athens in 1937. She attended courses in painting from the painter Mr. Iliadis (1956-1959), while in 1960 also attended courses in painting at the École des Beaux-Arts of Paris, (under M. Brianchon) as well as at the workshop of A. Lhôte. During the same time, she attended courses of French culture history at Sorbonne.
Andriadou’s works are included in various collections (Greek National Gallery, Museum of the City of Athens, Institute for Mediterranean Studies, the National Bank Cultural Foundation, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of the Aegean Region, Teloglion Foundation of Art, Municipal Art Gallery of Agrinio, Modern Greek Art Museum the City of Rhodes etc.).
The Archive of Julia Andriadou, since 2011 is at ISET (Contemporary Greek Art Institute) and at MIET (National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation). In 2011 she also donated a number of paintings that are representative of her fifty-year-long career to the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation (MIET) and she continues the donation.
(...) In the 1960s, as part of the abstraction movement in Greece, she generated abstractive work in a fluid style, dominated by objects and the human form that are isolated from the environment. In 1970s and in accordance to the more general climate of Greek surrealism, she painted compositions that evoke feelings of loneliness, abandonment and tragedy. In 1980s, with her series “Landscapes of Decline”, “Biotope 2000”, “Secret Windows” and “Cities-Labyrinths”, as well as with her series, “Evening Cities” in 1990s, she criticized with allusive writing and surrealistic composition, the modern urban environment that “pollutes and is polluted by the wishes of persons”. In the recent line of her work, titled “Roaming”, she is occupied by similar problems, of a more global character.
The Dictionary of Greek Artists, MELISSA Publications, 1997, Volume Ι, page 56.


Solo Exhibitions

1968 "Astor" Gallery, Athens, Greece
1969 "Τechni" Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
1972 "Astor" Gallery, Athens, Greece
1972 "Cochlias" Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
1976 "Ora" Art & Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece
1981 "Nees Morphes" Gallery, Athens, Greece
1983 "Εpoches" Gallery, Athens, Greece
1986 "Nees Morphes" Gallery, Athens, Greece
1990 "Αngathi" Art Gallery, Athens, Greece
1992 Art & Cultural Centre "Ora", Athens, Greece
1993 "Z. Athanasiadou" Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
1994 "Fine Art Gallery-N. Psychiko", Athens, Greece
1998 "Espace Kreonidis", Athens, Greece
1999 "Τrigono" Gallery, Athens, Greece
2016 "National Bank Cultural Foundation", Athens

She has taken part in more than 100 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.