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Ananidas Kostas

Date of birth: 01-01-1964
Art Works 25


1964: Born in Athens.
1981-1983: Studied drawing and painting under Brasidas Vlachopoulos.
1983-1988: Studied sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts under D. Kalamaras and V. Papaioannou.
1986-1988: Copper casting and art of mold construction- laboratory of N. Spourdou.
1983: IKY Scholarship IKY. Third in entrance exams at the Athens School of Fine Arts.
1992-1995: Scholarship IKY

Since 1996: Teaches design and ornamental applications in Athenian Art and Technology Group (AKTO).

Group Exhibitions
1988: Graduates in the School of Fine Arts of Athens. Athens Conservatory
1993: French Institute of Filothei. "Glimpses into the landscape"
2000: "Ekfrasi" group exhibition of partners

Personal Exhibitions
1994: "Maria Papadopoulou" Gallery
2001: "Ekfrasi" Gallery