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Amarantidou Lemonia

Date of birth: 01-01-1953
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Lemonia Amarantidou was born in Drama in 1953. She studied decoration at the "Vakalo" school and received a diploma of Painting from the "Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts" in Paris.

She presented her work in three solo exhibitions:
• "ORA", 1990
• "ASTROLAVOS", 1996
• "LAVIRINTHOS" in 1999

She participated in numerous group exhibitions:
• National Exhibition OLP Piraeus, 1987
• Exhibition of Young Greek Artists in Sofia Bulgaria and Nicosia in 1987
• In 1993, Zappeion and Lefkada with the organization of the Artistic Chamber of Greece.

In parallel, she edited and illustrated books for the Organization of School Books and for publishing Houses as Cedar, Kalentis, Akritas and Greek letters.

Other titles
(2006) Papanicolaou, Roula A., flowers pink, lilac and fragrant throughout the land, Little Prince [illustration]
(2006) Halkias, Crystal, Solar system through space, University of Crete [illustration]
(2002) Valasi, Life, Garden of transformations, Kedros [illustration]
(2000) Delonis, Anthony, Anthology of Modern Greek texts for D, E, F grade, Greek Letters [illustration]
(1999) Tales of Crete, Akritas [illustration]
(1999) Papadiamantis Alexander Easter Papadiamantis, Akritas [illustration]
(1996) Tales of Cyprus, Akritas [illustration]
(1996) Valasi, Life, The tesserofylli, Kedros [illustration]
(1993) Kalentis, Dimitris M., Die schwarze Wandtafel, Kalentis [illustration]
(1993) Kalentis, Dimitris M., Le tableau noir, Kalentis [illustration]
(1993) Kalentis, Dimitris M., The Blackboard, Kalentis [illustration]
(1993) Kalentis, Dimitris M., The Blackboard, Kalentis [illustration]
(1988) Faryad, Fereydoun, Dreams of kites and pigeons, Kedros [illustration]